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Hello and Welcome to SEOFire… An online internet marketing service website located in Phoenix, AZ.

Afi Fennick AKA DesignerAfi SEOFire (Pinterest and Instagram) AKA FlavorShop (Facebook)

My name is Afi, (ah-fee). I’m originally from Boston, MA. I now reside in Phoenix, AZ. This is my fourth year here and I love it! Arizona is what I would call The Land of Opportunities because no matter what industry you are in, if there’s a will, there’s a way – and out here they THROW jobs at you, LOL!! The sun shines her light like 98% percent of the year and this state is so huge and prestigious! I am a freelance writer for a popular, international content and article writing platform.

FromTheGroundUp - Afi Fennick - Textbroker Hire me on TextBroker

FromTheGroundUp – Afi Fennick – Textbroker Hire me on TextBroker


I have an administrative and customer support background with a serious interest in indie fashion.

One of my creative skills and specialties include online marketing for startup companies, small businesses and even entrepreneurs. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR INDUSTRY IS OR HOW MUCH COMPETITION THERE IS

My unique SEO is SEO on fire and my search marketing services are available for your social media pages, your blog pages and website pages. I will let you know if your job is too big for me to handle, but it can never be too small.

My Specialties and Services Do Include:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Unique Article Creation and Submission
  • Alexa Submission and Optimization
  • Distinctive SEO services that showcase you, your products and services in a productive and unique light
  • Competitor Analysis
  • No Black Hat methods
  • Manual work + Helpful Tools and Research methods


Over the years, I have earned hands-on experience on what advertising and online marketing methods work through research, testing, trial and error. I wish I would have known back then what I know now.. (Honestly, I should have been studying and practicing this in my twenties, lol!) But now, I have developed the innate ability to blend creativity with traffic generation and search engine marketing methods – which is a TOTAL benefit to clients.

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What I do is help to make your website, blog or web page increase visibility online, so that your products and/or services can be easier found online because web search is key to marketing online. There is NO EXPERIENCE like getting residual and organic web traffic online from people who are already looking for what you have. Once you get to this stage of online visibility for your products and services, the benefit is non-stop and keeps growing. Customers will automatically inquire and draw to you, and if your products and services stand out, prospects and customers will begin to grow continuously and even they’ll refer others to you. Keyword Search is KEY.*

Allow me the opportunity to be the #WORK behind your Success. My trials, tribulations, tests and hands-on experience can be your progressionproductivity and power.

Below are some samples of my hands on SEO work in to talent of increasing website rank and web traffic increases. I can target your ideal prospects while they are already searching for and are interested in what you have to offer AND it doesn’t matter HOW popular any keyword is… unless of course that particular keyword or keyword phrase’s rank is bought and paid for continuously.

For more information and proof, feel free to review my Portfolio, which that includes more screenshots of proof of rankings and in addition, screenshots of Google search results – the ultimate search engine in the world. I rank websites in Google, the head search engine without even going through Google. (smiles) Can your current SEO specialist do that? (Winks)

Recently this year, I discovered most of the Best methods to getting almost any site or web page ranked high for targeted keywords, increasing targeted traffic and gaining overall site rank the fastest and most creative and efficient ways possible.  

Industry: FASHION – Diamondfire Apparel boutique – keyword: #exoticfashion


What you will find a lot of online from other internet marketers and seo specialists, is that you have to fill out a form for more information, or you will find the same old sales pitches and lead generation tactics with services offered with no price information – or the price is too high.. Or you’re reviewing the same old resume types, bla, bla, bla…  Who wants to spend $200 or more monthly on a service that they are not yet confident about its quality and effectiveness?

These people who are offering these overcharged marketing services with less quality and value, are not performed by people or companies who are truly supportive of and compassionate about your business success online, these are hustlers looking to cash in on your vulnerability and once the bill arrives, they take their cut and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many sales you are getting or how much more popular your page is growing. Only their payment matters. It also takes way too long to reach a satisfactory effort. #FACTS

I mean, who the hell typically has thousands of dollars just lying around or even has funds stashed away for more brand exposure? And personally, even if I had millions, I would still opt in for higher quality, targeted results that bring in higher engagement, supporters and fans. That’s a greater value – creative, organic SEO strategies rather than overpriced pay per click. Pay per click is best designed for major corporations and well-established companies with extra large and massive marketing budgets, not startups, not small or medium businesses and especially not entrepreneurs. My services are cost-effective, beneficial and highly affordable.

Whether your reach and target market is local, nationwide or international, I am definitely able to help and happy to help. I say Don’t join others, beat em… Because you are already a competitor to others in the same industry as you. Your competitors are already selling and providing similar products and services as you. Beat the competition. Blow dust on ’em. You want to elevate your SERP as high as possible in the search engines.




You need someone on your side who understands and respects your business goals. Someone who is creative and skillful in making your page, blog or website as easy as possible to find online. As a business owner or a professional, you want RESULTS, and that’s what I am here for. Period. I tackle challenges head on… I go directly to the source. I give it to em straight, no chaser. Let me worry about your growth online. You worry about counting the cash. (Winks)

I have had over four years of qualified web traffic generation, online advertising and SEO experience and I have learned several jewels to help maximize the return on investment for increasing brand awareness to websites, blogs and online pages. #FACTS

I GUARANTEE that I will do more for your online business visibility than most other online reach and SEO services for a fraction of the cost. I offer a three week SAY IT and PROVE IT method, where you can test the quality of my skills and service for only $50. Within three weeks I will help to:

If you like my service after the first three weeks, then we can move forward to make sure your online search optimization campaign is a success!

Industry: FASHION – Diamondfire Apparel blog – keyword: indie fashion blog


No excuses, no more setbacks, no more online visibility challenges. Take Action. Get the real advantage for success and growth that you need and deserve and STOP OVERPAYING for other online marketing services that provide lower quality results that take too long to achieve real growth. No procrastination, no hesitation, and no regrets… Besides, you have more than enough to focus on, so why not let me help and take the worry off your hands? Increase your reach. Get started now.

Free consultations available. Fill out the contact form below and I will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

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