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My name is Afi, (ah-fee). Iā€™m originally fromĀ Boston, MA. One of top most expensive cities in the States. I now reside in Phoenix, AZ. To a degree, Arizona in certain ways kind of reminds me of Arizona. Lots of restaurants and sports fans all over the place – football and baseball heads. The luxurious parts and festivities.. However, Boston is somewhat opposite of Arizona because most things and places there are very old, while here in Arizona, things and places here are freshly new. Every state has it’s own Swagg, but Boston’s natural lakes, ponds, rivers and beaches can’t be beat! And not to mention, but Boston is one of those MOST multiracial cities in the world.. People from ALL OVER live there.. People from Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, Asia, Cape Verde, Europe, etc.. #TRULYMULTICULTURAL Boston is ALWAYS gonna be my home… #CITYGIRL #EASTCOASTBABYĀ 

This is my fourth year here and I love it! Arizona is what I would call The Land of OpportunitiesĀ because no matter what industry you are in,Ā if thereā€™s a will, thereā€™s a way ā€“ and theseĀ folksĀ out hereĀ THROWĀ jobs at you, LOL!! The sun shines her light like 98% percent of the year and this state is so huge and prestigious!

I have an administrative and customer support background with aĀ seriousĀ interest inĀ indie fashion.

I have earned 10+ years in customer service, administrative support services after high school. I know how to do business and provide clients with highly effective services while standing out in the process. I am also a content writing specialist for a major, international writing platform. I recently earned a 4-star quality rating at my new job doing freelance writing services. My price for freelance writing is highly affordable. You can hire me on Textbroker. I write high quality, SEO-optimized content for businesses, people and entrepreneurs. My Author ID is: 1470298 My username on the platform is FromTheGroundUp. I write articles and marketing pieces for a wide variety of businesses in a wide variety of industries.

SEO has been a strong interest of mines for several years now, so then I started studying it more closely through trial and error, testing, researching and gaining hands-on experience. The thing I love most about my job is when I rank a site higher for a keyword or a series of keywords I am targeting.

My Specialties and Services Do Include:Ā 
Website Analysis
Keyword Research
Keyword Rank / SERP Optimization
Web Page Optimization
Freelance Article Writing*
Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Content Creation and Optimization
Unique Article Creation and Submission
Alexa Submission and Optimization
Distinctive SEO services that showcase you, your products and services in a productive and unique light
Competitor Analysis No Black Hat methods
Manual work + Helpful Tools and Research methods
What inspired me to start my own business in SEO optimization was the fact that I faced the same challenges that I see other entrepreneurs, small business startups and other owners make. I started studying SEO much more closely… testing, reading articles, watching videos and performing other research to develop the best and most efficient strategies for increasing keyword rank and boosting website optimization faster using white-hat only methods.
People should choose SEOFire because of my Quality of work – I am highly skilled with SEO and optimization, I achieve great results faster, I face challenges head on and my services are more affordable. I offer a two-week trial and a Money Back Guarantee on my services.
During this Covid-19 pandemic crisis, I operate and function solely remote to help support others’ safety. I am fully accessible online.Ā My services are remote only. I can schedule web meetings, conference calls, phone calls and I’m always available via text, email or chat (unless I am with a client).

#SELFTAUGHT and #HandsOn I have earned a few years of hands on experience including the tools and benefits of search marketing and search engine marketing. I have learned a few essential jewels to significantly help boost search engine ranking and boost web page optimization efforts. I specialize in helping individuals, entrepreneursĀ  and small businesses to become more visible online. Constantly I meditate on new and creative ways to help clients grow their online presence. No matter if it is a website, blog or a personal page. I look to do two things: 1. do it creatively and 2. do it efficiently.


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